• Welcome to J. Mulder Houtimport BV

    • J. Mulder Houtimport (JMH) specialises in supplying timber and timber related products for industry and trade. Since the start in 1956 its our policy:

      • To buy quality products at competitive prices
      • To import timber in a responsible way and to promote sustainable timber
      • To be a reliable and longterm partner

      JMH endeavours to have a proper response to every request. To be able to do that, we are in close contact with our buyers and suppliers, and also visit them on a frequent basis. Good relationships not only result in better quality and reliability, also it makes doing the business much more pleasant.

    • JMH supplies e.g.:

    • Door-, stairs- and window timber

      • sawn timber
      • profiled timber, internal doorframes & thresholds
      • balusters, handrails, banisters for stairs
    • Glazingbeads

    • Edge-glued panels and worktops, furniture parts

    • Dressed timber

      • sawn timber
      • s4s mouldings and sauna laths
      • Balsa wood
    • Profiles & mouldings

      • architraves, skirtings and doormouldings
      • interior mouldings and dowels
    • Handles & poles

      • broomhandles, gardentools
      • flagpoles
    • Timber for garden

    • Gardenfurniture

    • Flooring

  • JMH supplies a wide range of timberproducts from Asia, South-America and Eastern-Europe

    Sawn timber

    Timber for doors, stairs & windows

    Timber for stairs


    Edge-glued panels and worktops (FJL)

    Balsa wood

    Dressed timber, s4s mouldings

    Skirtings, architraves and doormouldings

    Dowels and mouldings

    Broomhandles and flagpoles

    Timber for garden

    Garden furniture

    • JMH sources a wide range of species:

    • From (South-East) Asia e.g.

      • Bangkirai, Kapur, Kempas, Keruing
      • Red Meranti, White/yellow Meranti, Nyatoh, Ramin
      • Balsa, Durian, Mahogany, Paulownia, Teak
      • Radiata Pine
      • Rubberwood.

    • From South-America e.g.

      • Cambara, Marupa, Tauari
      • Elliotti Pine
      • Ipe, Massaranduba

    • From Eastern-Europe e.g.

      • Beech
      • Oak

    • NB: almost all mentioned timberspecies can be supplied with a FSC® certificate. Ask for our possibilities.

  • JMH sources a wide range of timberspecies











    Red Meranti


    • JMH and sustainable entrepeneurship

      J. Mulder Houtimport BV (JMH) wants to do business in a responsible way and doesnot want to be engaged in illegal timber. The forest is our main source and therefore our future. Not only for us, as a company, but for all future generations. For JMH it is therefore only natural to meet the requirements of the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) as per 3rd of March 2013.

      JMH is a member of NTTA (Royal Netherlands Timber Trade Organisation) and has co-signed the policy-document 2010-2015 "Conscious with wood". JMH prefers to seek timber from sustainable forests. In 2018 more than 75% of our timber supplies are sustainable (with FSC®).

      JMH is FSC® certified under SGSCH-COC-001198 since 24 October 2002 and endeavours to maximise imports with FSC® certificate. To achieve this JMH cooperates closely with suppliers who are already FSC® certified, as well as support suppliers who want to develop to this status. We actively stimulate those suppliers not only to market the well-known species, but also to develop new species. JMH supports buyers in accepting new species.

  • JMH endeavours to maximise import of sustainable timber

    Member Dutch NTTA

    FSC forest

    FSC plantation

    FSC certificate

    FSC logs

    FSC sawn timber

    FSC ready product

    FSC fingerjoint laminated product

    • Working method - JMH

    • Quality conditions JMH

    • Qualitycontrol is based on our set of quality conditions. No matter if it concerns the moisture content, the dimensions and tolerances, the profile, the fingerjoint and/or lamination, the paint application or other matters, you can rely that JMH is on top of it.

    • JMH inspectors on the spot

    • JMH has own inspectors on the spot. They will check the product in each stadium of the production process, as well as at the end of the production, before shipment takes place. Quality and shortest possible lead-times are key.

    • Packaging and timely delivery

    • Also the desired packing, individual or in sets, (incl. leaflet, barcode, shrinkwrap, etc), shipment (incl. load-ability) and clearance up to delivery at your doorstep, are in good hands at JMH.

  • Working method JMH

    MC measurement

    Training production workers

    QC on sizes

    QC on sizes

    QC on quality

    QC on paintapplication

    • JMH - info

    • Actual, past and nowadays:

      • Dec 2001: 1st FSC® timber from Indonesia in the Netherlands via JMH
      • October 2002: JMH is FSC® certified
      • November 2012: JMH receives 1st lot with V-legal timber from Indonesia
      • September 2013: signing of the VPA between EU and Indonesia

    • Following PDF files are available:

  • JMH - from the old days to nowadays

    J. Mulder, founder JMH

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